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Carnaby London is an innovative fashion accessories company that brings you high quality products at affordale prices.

At Carnaby London, we designed our bags and didn’t add value but rather life!





EMILY Leather Tote Bag

Leather tote bag which brings together practicality with a touch of chic. Distinct hardware, a classic shape with enough space for all the things a girl about town needs.

£120.00 *
In stock

New GABRIELLE Leather Tote Bag

Elegant, regal and sophisticated. This special leather tote bag has ample room for your day to day things.

£130.00 *
In stock

New CLARISSA Leather Tote Bag

Sophisticated, elegant with intricate detailing. This leather tote bag is the ideal companion for that special occasion. Looking just as great in either a formal or informal gathering.

from £90.00 *
In stock
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